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Landscaper used top soil with rubble mixed to prepare for grass seeds?

I asked my landscaper why my topsoil is 50% rubble/stones. He told me that I shouldn’t remove them as this actually helps drainage & when seeding mixed with sand will prevent birds from eating the seeds.
He did say wait until the grass is established then rake the pebbles off?
Surely this is a stupid way to go about it?
Please help.
Neighbour moves gate and uses our wall for storage as it’s his boundary but we are detached feel that persimmon shouldn’t have done that
Chartered Engineer7
Check the title plans; you can digitally scale size and then check. Limitation Act will apply so if more than 6years have passed with boundary/fence in place and neighbours have lived peaceably with that arrangement this supersedes what is in the title plans
Avant Home buyer/regretter. These homes are awful. The management are even worse. 69 snags and counting.
Persimmon - Electrics in Garage

I purchased a 4 bed detached house in Rugeley, Staffs from Persimmon 12 months ago and have been in 'discussions' with them ever since regarding the fact they haven't provided lighting or power into the garage even though my neighbours garage has it provided and the garages are adjoining separated only by a dividing wall. Persimmon are claiming that the electrics would have to go over a 3rd party boundary - has anyone else had this issue? Thanks
Persimmon homes/charles church Great Woodcote Park Exeter. Homes sold under CHCH giving the sense of quality, luxury executive homes misleading buyers is a disgrace. Current proposal to change of planning from 12 luxury detached homes in Ark Royal Avenue backing onto the golf country club. proposing 23 semi detached homes to include affordable housing, some won't even have a garage just a parking space. Does not fit in with what's already here, we paid for the privilege to live in an area of executive detached homes!!
Perhaps if they offered better quality kitchens as standard, better quality bathrooms & fittings as standard. Ensured the quality of workmanship is upto standard & properties snagged properly instead if new occupants having to put up with months months of workmen & problems coming & going in their homes. Customer service is needs improvement. We would never buy a NEW home again from charles church or persimmon, if your thinking about it don't do it!!
Hi Everyone, I am a new member. I am interested to hear from anyone that has encountered 'Limitation 1890' Please let me know if you have? Best wishes
First post - I bought Barratt house in March last year, moved in July. A few things needed done & to be perfectly honest they were dealt with pretty quickly.
However something new has just become apparent - a boundary issue!
My house is the only one on the development that backs onto another's plot. No fence, no wall - nothing. My neighbour had apparently raised this when before they moved in & had site manager & director onsite but basically they have washed their hands of it. Has anyone else had any similar issues & if so has it been resolved? My neighbour on the other side has same style of house that mirrors imy own but has a small walkway dividing her house from the next plot!
NEW BUILD ... I moved into a new build apartment in December 2013/leasehold. The property developer I purchased from has since sold the freehold (July 2014) and it has been sold a further two times to date. I requested in January the property developer come and rectify a large split in the support beam. He replied it was due to central heating, the building warming up as people move in, it clearly is not it's a bodge job. He never returned emails/calls on this matter and others. He said checks on snagging on new builds are carried out every 6-12 months and not until then. Now he has sold the freehold can anyone advise who is responsible for coming to check the cracks that have appeared and the problem with the support beam. The property developer seems to have washed his hands of everything. I've already lost £600 on another matter through legal fees regarding this apartment and cannot afford more legal fees. I am at a total loss? Thank you.
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. We are buying a new build, there have been problems all along the way, i wont bore you with the details. Guinness homes are the sellers and UK construction are building the houses. We have exchanged and on the 16th June we were allowed in to measure for curtains etc. In the kitchen we noticed that they had put in a "Double Oven" which is basically an oven with grill under the gas ring hob but in the Showhome the oven is in a tower Unit and we then paid exttra for a double oven, which we shouldve asked for 2 ovens. We were never told that the oven would be under the gas ring hob and in the kitchen specification it doesnt state that the oven would be placed there either. We have asked them to out a tower unit in and 2 ovens, which we would pay for but they have refused, they have said that they are going to leave it like that and we need to change it ourselves. Just wondering if there is anything we can do. Thanks
i am interested in knowing a bit more about what happened with your house. If you were sold a Certified Passivhaus, you should have gotten a certified house.
i was involved on the design of a house (in inverness) but it didnt pass the test as well.
please, drop me an email at and i may help you with your case.
thank you
I completed on a bovis home 20/12/13 I was told snagging was done on handover after completion,date was set for 21/12/13, we didn't want to complete until early jan 2014 but Bovis pushed for 20/12/13 which we met. On handover 21/12/13 after completion we found there had been a leak and water had come through the ceiling down the walls and soaked the carpet that morning, the house was very poorly finished, paint was wet,the garage had only part of the walls built,no roof or door. we were lead to understand we would have a fully completed property on completion, no one told us the garage wouldn't be built, we bought this as a buy to let propert, we are extremely concerned they are not bothered and we have lied to us, what possible steps can we take, we visited the house 29/12/13 still the property is not right andconcerns are when our tenant moves in there will be a further leak what checks can we insist upon,we emailed head office 29/12/13. Any comments would be appreciated,
Hello, I was hoping for some advice. I have been in a wainhomes new build almost 4 years, the usual snags, but last bank hol weekend I had a massive leak into the lounge from central heating pipes. emergency plumber was called, commenced to sort all damage with house insurance, which involved emergency plumber having to make a hole in the ceiling, fixed the T bar attachment properly - he said shoddy builders, so it must have been leaking all the time, so I need a new ceiling, plaster, coving, paint work and wallpaper renewed and a new problem now is I can see other stains on ceiling in different rooms forming and am worried the whole pipework needs checking....would NHBC help with this, I see 'after 2 years' leaks arent covered but the reports say it was poor work from the onset and 'after 2 years' they sort 'defects' or do I let my home insurance investigate further...would they do this? depressed with it all. thanks