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I hope all is well with everyone.

We are due to move into our new house in Newcastle in the next 2 weeks and when I had a sneak peak, noticed that the render of the property is a different colour than that was in the contract.

We are due to have a meeting to discuss options..

Has anyone experienced similar? If so, can you give a heads up on possible options that will be discussed? And what, if any possible complications may arise from taking the current (wrong render) off and applying new one??

I am not sure of the type of render, but want to say 'pebble dash' but that's a guess.

Thanks in advance.


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The builder can change the spec without consulting you ...check your contract for exact wordings

and the builders code of conduct

Render can be removed and replaced

Render can be overlaid or recoloured also ...but depends on a number of factors


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