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I thought I would post to highlight our issues at our estate. I hope this will help anyone considering reserving a property at Willow Croft.

We have been in our house for 20 months now and still have ongoing issues. We moved in to the property in December 2013 and to be honest it has been one problem after another. To get anything done you need to stamp and shout and make threats.

Sales Advisor will be your absolute best friend and she will highly recommend upgrading the kitchens and the wardrobes - we now know the more she can get you to buy from them, the more bonus cash in her pocket and for the site manager.

She will tell you the site manager is very good and he is. Although you will be taking your chances when you finally move in, as it may not be the same site manager and they have your cash – this is our experience.

A list of some our snags include:

• Vent pipes in loft space not connected resulting in mould in loft space.
• French doors not sealed resulting in flooring damage
• Tiling my 3 year old could do better
• Constant settlement issues
• Poor quality carpeting charged a premium for
• Poor quality flooring - as above
• Sealant around showers and sinks an utter disgrace
• Constant nail pops
• No flooring in living room or bathrooms, although paid for
• Boiler not plumbed correctly resulting in no hot water for 7 days in December (The Ideal customer care guy actually said to us on Christmas Eve when no engineer was available ‘Come on, it is Christmas after all)
• When an Ideal engineer did attend the property after Christmas, he flooded the utility room and kitchen
• Screw through cable in kitchen, resulting in cooker blowing 2 days before Christmas. We had 4 holes cut in the wall to reroute the wires. Beautiful to look at when making Christmas dinner.

For many of these things we have had to fight and constantly email and call customer (don't)care.

Once they have your money they are not interested one bit in the standard or quality of the finish they have provided.

I loved this house when we first moved in, but with all the hassle and problems I now hate. I want to sell and move on and try and start again.

It's been twenty months of upset, heartache and inconvenience.

Be very wary when purchasing a Persimmon Home.
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"Finishing touches" is not bonus cash it's commission! The sales and site manager get 7% each of what you spend on extras!
The site manager cant have been any good.
he is working for Persimmon and could get a job anywhere at the moment and you had all these problems which haven't been sorted out very quickly.
As you have found out, albeit too late, buying Persimmon new home is likely to be a bad idea!


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You are totally right it is commission and not a bonus. Yes, the site manager was utterly useless, although I have heard whatever he is doing now involved dinner with the Prime Minister – says it all really!!!

If I knew what I know now and still purchased, I would first slap myself, and then at least be much more informed about what to expect and totally lower my expectations.
Using this website I have learned a huge amount from both the website and those who have posted on the forum. My next step is a subject access request to see where I can go with a few things. For example, when we found out there were some discrepancies around the cost of the fencing (after they had out money) and we asked the sales to team to provide the quote from the fencers to see how many metres we had been quoted for and cost per metre were told to instruct our lawyer to get the information, which makes us think there is something else going on they don't want to tell us.
Oh and our longest 'snag' so far is sitting at 73 weeks since it was reported and no resolution yet.

We needed to move house as we were stuck where we were with little chance of moving without taking a huge loss. We do love the house, but only because we are trying our very best to see the positives in that it is our family home and we can change the bathrooms and kitchen etc, but really why should we need to consider these things now when we have already paid a premium for the property.

Purchase a Persimmon Home with great caution and very low expectations.


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A source tells me that Persimmon are allegedly in serious financial trouble. Perhaps the terrible build quality and atrocious customer service are finally catching up with them. Don't risk putting any deposits down and could you imagine buying a Persimmon home in the knowledge that the 8,000 serious snagging items will never get done. Couldn't happen to a better company if its true