White Goods Issue with the Help to Buy Scheme

Discussion in 'Bellway Homes' started by R_Fletch, Apr 2, 2014.

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    I have recently moved in to a new build property through Bellway on the 'Help to Buy Scheme'. We are very happy with the build and touch wood – have had no problems structurally so far! The one issue I have at the moment is that on the 'Help to Buy' pamphlet that we originally had from Bellway it stated that we would get all white good including fridge-freezer/dishwasher/washer-dryer. It was only the other day that I discovered that our washer is just a washer and isn't a washer/dryer. Due to the pleasant weather of late I have been hanging the washing out in the garden so I have only just discovered that the washer doesn’t dry. We phoned Bellway and brought this up to which they just responded that everyone on the development has just got washers! What course of action could I potentially take now? I know having a dryer is not the end of the world but at the end of the day Bellway haven’t supplied us with what we are entitled to. I would go into the sales office face to face but funnily enough they have packed up and moved on now!
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    No problems structurally?
    You should read this
    Tumble driers are useless in my opinion. They crease clothes, take ages and cost a fortune in electricity and water.
    By yourself a de humidifier for drying clothes indoors in the winter and use a clothes line in the summer.

    You haven't got what was specified that you would be buying, so you do have a case to claim against Bellway and could use the Consumer Code for Home Builders.
    It only costs £120 and you can claim that back too.
    Write to Bellway and tell them if they don't agree to give you £200 say as compensation for not having a washer drier you will use the CCHB to make a claim against them.

    I do wish house builders would be more honest and stop telling lies and deliberately deceiving their customers.

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