We give in!!

New Build Inspections


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After two and a half years in our new Bryant home of:

- Draughty windows and doors.
- Appalling plumbing, 9 leaks - I will upload a photo showing just how shockingly bad the plumbing was.
- Poor heat insulation, there was none in the garage roof below a bedroom and a freezing cold utility and kitchen.
- Absolutely no sound insulation, the stud partitions had no sound insulating fill at all anywhere, you really could hear a pin drop in other rooms.
- Numerous other minor and not so minor issues.
-Yes, we went down the route of going to the head of Taylor Wimpey (East) to try and get it all sorted.

We have now sold up and moved on at a CONSIDERABLE financial cost. Bryant are still building on the site and the quality is just as bad. A work colleague has just bought the same house style built by Bryant in Peebles and it has many of the faults I had but with the addition of mis-matched windows. The advantage for him is I've forewarned him and he's been able to get some sorted items before he moved in.

I cannot understand how builders can produce such shoddy quality and there's so little you can do about it. If you bought a new car with so many faults you would almost certainly get a replacement or your money back. This is the second new build in 7 years we have bought and both have been absolutely crap frankly. I don't think there are ANY new builders out there producing anything of even reasonable build quality.


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We know how you feel.
We have been fighting Bryant Homes (The Cowboys) for nearly 2 years now.
Our house contains endless faults and illegal issues, but they refuse to come and fix the faults. Even a judge can't get these schysters to fix our faults.
I feel for you. Hope you have better luck in the future.
Have a look at mybryanthomeiscrap.co.uk