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I signed up to buy a new house from this company in Dec 03, expected build complete was to be jul04, this date has been put back every month and is now expected to be nov/ dec 04. The house has also had to be partially rebuilt twice because they were building it to the wrong plans!
Does anyone know what I can do about this?
I have contacted the company concerned and they seem quite keen to have me pull out of the sale and have offered to pay my search and legal fees if I do!!!


Hi Jim,

I think delays are fairly common, but six months is excessive. Developers often blame the British weather, but you would have thought that a good project manager would accommodate this in the plans with plently of contingency.

The fact that they have had to rebuild sections of the house twice sounds worrying. I wonder why they are keen for you to pull out. Do they want to sell the house to someone who is not aware of this? Have you told them you are going to get the house professionally inspected?

I would speak to your solicitor to discuss your options and possible compensation. Paying for legal fees and searches is just a token gesture, but it could be seen as an admission of liability. However, I am not a solicitor.

Let us know how you get on.

Good luck