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I've had my offer accepted on a new build built by Fernhams (a small / medium developer in Kent) and sorting out the snagging list to be agreed in the contract so that they are rectified before completion.

However, there is a join in the carpet (quite an obvious one and the piles are in the opposite direction of each piece) which shouldn't even be there. The room is 7.26m x 3.53m and the standard width for the carpet laid is 4m. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but there should be only be an excess of 4 inches / 20cm (sorry for the mix of measurement units) around the carpet which would still be within the 4m width. Therefore, I have been saying to the developer that the join, as well as being unsightly, is completely unnecessary. My point to them is that they should re-lay the carpet as a complete piece as they should have done in the first place or redo it with laminate (which was one of the option had I put in my offer before the carpet was laid) at no additional cost to me.

Despite making the above points to them, the developer is insisting that they were not responsible for the carpet laying and that the carpet fitters they used did the job however was necessary. They are basically refusing to budge on the issue. I am trying to arrange for a local carpet fitter to go to the site and give me a quote, but I still don’t see why I should accept something which I see as a botched up job in the first place and have to pay out of my own pocket to get it fixed. I know the cost for doing it won’t be that much (£300 I think approx.) just over £1,000 after making a estimate calculation on a Carpet retailers website, but it’s the principle of being treated like a mug by the developer which is why I’m trying to stand my ground. As far as I am concerned, they are just being lazy and cheap.

The last option is that they get the join made good, by re-laying the pieces so that the piles are in the same direction as each other but I don’t think they will even do that.

The conversation with the developer is going via the sales agent and I’m not sure if she’s even putting my point across to the developer properly. Apparently one of the Directors of the company bought a flat in the development and they say that I should just accept the carpet as it is as they reckon his was done the same way (I doubt they’ve even looked at his one).

Has anyone got any suggestions or advice on what to do here?
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You are right in everything you say.

It sounds as if the carpet fitter measured the area of all the carpet within the whole house without allowing enough for "waste" and ended up finishing off the room to which you refer with a couple of odd pieces he had left over.

It is completely unacceptable for the developer to blame the carpet fitters and wash their hands of the whole affair. They employed the carpet fitter in the first place and it should have been down to them to manage the fitting so that the end product reaches acceptable standards. Your contract is with the developer and not with the carpet fitter, and the developer is presenting you with a product that is not acceptable.

There is nothing in NHBC Standards that covers carpet fitting, but I am sure I could find some BS numbers that you could quote if you require further info.


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Thanks for the reply willyj.

Here's the update:

After numerous phone calls back and forth and keeping the pressure on, the developer agreed to call back the carpetfitters to see "what could be done without cost to them". The carpetfitters have admitted there was a "fault" in the carpet in relation to the joins and claim that there is only one join in the carpet. Their excuse for putting it where it is instead of the lead to the hallway (which is a bit more than the width of the carpet) is because there would be less wear and tear, whatever the hell that has to do with it.

Anyway, they're coming back to re-lay it at their own expense and placing the join where it is less obvious and naturally try and make it good!

I'll ask for those number willyj if it goes t*ts up but without being optimistic I think it's going to get sorted out.


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Chuck Sidfrum

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There is nothing in NHBC Standards that covers carpet fitting, but I am sure I could find some BS numbers that you could quote if you require further info.

Do you know of any relevent standard under NHBC that would cover a builder (his tiler) using tiles from different batches when covering a floor area in one room, which then do not match in colour.

NHBC seems to allow a variation in matching, but when the tiler used different batches (because damaged tiles had been fitted) and then later (as one would have expected to happen, but perhaps at the original fitting) those damaged tiles were replaced with tiles from another batch.