Unresponsive developer - creaking ceiling, incomplete snagging... please help

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Hi everyone,

I am desperately hoping someone can please help.

I completed on my first home in April this year, a dream that I worked very hard toward for a long time. I understood with new builds there would be snagging and did not expect premium workmanship at all but figured any glaring issues would be covered as per defects period and building insurance.

The main issue at present is that we (my neighbours and I) are unable to get hold of the developers and builder to get any work done. They have blocked my number and have not replied to a single email since June.

We have tried to enlist the help of our managing company, who seems to be able to communicate with the freeholder/developer - presumably for purposes of collecting our ground rent and service charges. However, they have said there is only so much they can do as snagging and defects are outside of their remit.

Presently, one of my neighbours is writing to the Building Compliance department with the Council to show the types of defects in our development to see if they can come out to inspect whether compliance was valid. For e.g. my neighbours' balcony was completely ripped out three months ago as there was significant leak to downstairs flat, but no solution has been provided and the balcony remains a construction site.

Another avenue we're considering is approaching our insurer – ICW. The policy includes 10-year structural warranty and cover for major damages caused by a defect. However, ICW have told us that any defects within 2 year period are the developer’s responsibility to investigate and remedy.

The question is – what do we do if the builder/developer is not willing to engage at all??

Do we head to the Small Claims Court? If so - then we'd have to provide all evidence of defects and incomplete snags as part of our submission?

Are there any other ways we can pursue action?

None of our lawyers that we used to complete were that great (just straight conveyancing firms) and we are unsure if getting a litigator involved will help since the developers don’t seem to communicate / engage in any way??

These are the developers - https://kingdavidgroup.co.uk/ . They do not answer calls or emails and our contracting entity seems to have been a shell company. The contact they provided initially have not been contactable and we do not know who else to contact at all.

Any thoughts or tips on progressing would be so appreciated.

ps. A couple more specific questions to follow, i hope this is ok.

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sorry for late reply ive been on holiday

the next step in escalation is make a claim to your warranty company

builder is in breach of warranty contract ......tell them you are in dispute and they are ignoring you

that should work


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. My neighbours and I are looking through the warranty terms and will contact them. They've told us to compile the list of issues. We're just concerned if we don't word something right then it may not be covered.

This has been a nightmare and i wish I had never purchased in the first place.


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