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Well it is now our 3rd winter in 2 years of living in our new build home. Once again we have no water due to frozen pipes. Of course, no water means no hot water for showers, no cold water for toilets. We did the correct thing and called Tulloch Homes regarding this and we were advised by the customer care that Billy McKay has instructed that because we have been in the home 2 years that it is no longer their problem.

Surely if we have had this same issue each winter that means Tulloch Homes is still responsible for rectifying the problem? Has anyone else had the same issues?
Dear mraus70

If you have advised them inside the first 2 years & they undertook any work on it, they are still responsible.

I hope that helps.

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as long as you have reported it within the 2 years UK law says Tulloch Homes are responsible. Raise the issue with NHBC giving the dates you reported it and details of any work that may have been undertaken and any replies from Tulloch Homes to prove they acknowledged receipt of the issue. If NHBC cannot help then its legal action


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Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

Extract from Tulloch Website on protection. PLEASE NOTE that their hand over pack contradicts this statement

•If pipes are situated in the loft, open up the hatch to let heat go to these areas.

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read the NHBC warranty guide it clearly states if faults/defects are reported within the required time the liability stays with the builder