Too many drain covers in front garden?

Discussion in 'Snagging - general' started by J Labelliere, Sep 2, 2018.

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    I've recently completed on a house we purchased off plan. Having now moved in we've become very aware that we have six manhole (drain?) covers in our front garden, in fact dotted around our front lawn. None of the other houses nearby have this many, some have none or two/three. To us even 3 seems excessive. We don't understand why they are there or whether they are completely necessary. They were not indicated on the plans of the development as far as we remember.
    Can we require the developer to come back to get rid of them or relocate them to one side where they would not impact on our kids playing on the grass? How do I cut the grass? This arrangement seems nonsense to me. Any advice?
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    an inspection chamber will be required at every change in direction and after so many metres of drian to allow for rodding ....if you are at the end of a run and at a change of direction then you have your drains and the common drains from the rest of the site all combining in your garden

    sometimes there are to many and the builder can reduce a few out just by better plannning

    have a look at

    i agree it ruins the garden effect and you are left with planting to hide them ...this is also an option for your builder too

    speak with them and see what they say ...its got to be a try

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