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I made the mistake of buying a Taylor Wimpey house on NGP greenside newcastle. The style of the house is lovely, the finish of the house average but the customer service of taylor wimpey is unbelievably poor. If your thinking of buying a house from these gansters dont. I generated a list of snags in september when I bought the house. Most are still with me including very dodgy central heating in this cold winter. The stress of dealing with these amateurs is not worth it. Please please do your self a big favour, buy from some one else.

Dont be fooled by there promises, gaurantee or charter all are absolutely false. I had a 7 day visit (problems were noted but nothing done) I had a 28 day visit (problems were noted but nothing done), I have visited the site office a dozen times, called the site manager a dozen times, written to the customer service manager, and assistant manger and not only have none of the issues been solved, most of the time these people dont even get back to you. Once they have your money they have no interest in you anymore.

The only thing they are interested in is money, once you hand it over prepare for a period of stress and misery, of course the alternative is not to hand it over and go buy your house from someone else.

This is one company that genuinely deserves to go out of business.


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Be aware! Bryant Homes does not exist anymore.
They were acquired by Taylor Woodrow, who then merged with George Wimpey to become Taylor Wimpey.

As the post is after the Taylor Woodrow takeover (they traded under the Bryant name!) the problems should be associated with and rectified by Taylor Wimpey.

No doubt any potential Taylor Wimpey buyers will make up their own minds.


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MartinD should have followed a proper complaints procedure.
First of all he should have sent the Customer Care Manger at the Regional Office a copy of the defects.
Not just left it with the Site Manager to fix.

Then when nothing happend, he should have taken it further higher up the company all the way to the Chairman if necessary.
He will be paid millions and should sort it out.
Believe me, when the Chairman gets involved things happen!


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You reckon?
I doubt Redfern even knows where the sites are.
I wrote to him a while back and he ignored every letter.
You see it is easier for him to sit on his backside and do nothing and get paid for it. It's like a banker. Get paid silly amounts of money and bonuses not to mention the buy one get one free shares.
Waste of space he is.
If I ran my business like he did I'd go bankrupt in a week.


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Im new here,

Quick description

Moved in to our new house (RED... ) in april 2010, in september, noticed a huge crack go through the front of the house to the roof and mirrored on bac of house.

had monitoring strips, holes dug, soil tests etc by them.

in mean time did our own investigation into what used to be there before the house, and discovered a large Tree, anyway, finaly theyve admitted there was a huge tree there, and there was no Clayboards/master or precautions done to take into account what would happen when the ground started to rehydrate .

the House is heaving, its on clay soil, with vibro columns, not good. we are apparently at the end very soon, they have a Solution to reveal to us next week.!

We dont see how they can repair our house, its clear theres a need to pull it down and just start again as it is seriously blighted in terms of its value

We love the road, and the house, just not the fact its rising in height, splitting open and worth nothing!!!

Any thoughts?



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So why are you paying it????????
Inform them what is going on and that you are paying a mortgage on a house that is worthess because of what is going on.
Remember it is their security.
I would also seek a copy of the sureveyors report as they passed off the house as ok. Surely they must have known about what was on the land to start with?


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This is a new house and a mortgages wouldnt have been given without a warranty.

This is so serious the NHBC must be informed today if you ahvent already told them.

You must continue with your mortgage. It is a loan and has nothing to do with the house. If it had burnt down you would still have to pay off the mortgage!

Is this a Taylor Wimpey house?
Everyone will blame everyone else with this. The Housebuilder the contractor, the contractor the engineer, the engineer the land surveyor. The NHBC will say as it is within two years the house builder should put it right but........... the NHBC should organise and supervise the remedy which I would think is demolition and rebuilding.