Taylor Wimpey not built to plan


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I'm buying a new TW house off plan. I had my meet the builder meeting last week and to cut a long story short, 2 of the windows (dining area - north facing, kitchen - south facing) have been built as 1200mm instead of the 1350mm that the plan states.

The sales rep has advised that I am within my right to pull out as I wasn't informed of these 'changes', although they are hardly changes when the site manager's own plans state 1350mm as the size!

As TW wouldn't negotiate with me at all on price or extras I'm considering using this as leverage to get some things thrown in/paid off.

It would be nice to have the bigger windows but having my extras paid for and other stuff thrown in would be of more advantage to me at the moment as an FTB buying on my own (without help -to - buy or parental help, I should add).

Has this happened to anyone else?


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This sounds like a site mistake rather than any change of design or house type plot specific variation.
Ask yourself, if they are being this intransigent now, how willing are they going to be when you find defects in your new home after you move in.
My advice would be cancel and run why you have the chance!


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It turns out the plans did change but somehow I was shown the updated plans but the builder didn't get the message before the windows were put in. I met with the contract manager and they've offered a load of extras as a goodwill gesture which I'm happy with as its all stuff I was going to have to get done. Even though it won't cost TW anything its saved me a small fortune!