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I have bought a new build Taylor Wimpey home, which is due for completion early next year. At this time, it is only a timber frame, awaiting the roof and windows to be installed.

I requested Taylor Wimpey to install Ethernet cable throughout the house, as I want to have as much off of the Wifi as possible. I was advised that this isn't an option available, although the site manager did state it was simple to do but Taylor Wimpey won't allow it.

Has anyone ever had this done during build? It would be far more difficult to do once the house is complete and I don't really want to make a mess when I move in.

Any suggestions?


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No experience in getting them added during the build I'm afraid.

But, I have found that power line adapters are a cost effective and unobtrusive way to get that 'wired' connection throughout the house. I know it's not the ideal solution, but works perfectly well for me stream audio/video etc:
[[ damn, cannot paste a link]]

Hope that helps.