substandard floor 11 years on

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okay all probably nothing new but we moved into an 11 year old persimmon house in birmingham against my better judgement but she was insistant. I used to be a kitchen fitter so knew what to expect and thought I could get around it even though I knew that persimmon build badly designed homes badly.

anyway we have been in four months and we noticed a distinct sag in the floor of the so called master bedroom of just short of an inch. I tried to correct it by jacking and sistering the joists with plywood as suggested by our american friends which didn't work against the sag although it did make it less bouncy so the sag is even and you can get your hand under the stud wall. hopefully it has stopped dropping now so when I refit the shower cubicle it wont leak again.

upon further investigation the joists are 47x195s which means they should have max centres of 400mm not the 600mm they were installed at. so not impressed at all, no surprise there.

so the usual useless NHBC warranty is 10 years but as it wasn't built right in the first place would the sale of goods act apply?

to correct it properly the house needs all but rebuilding, the sag is under where a previous dividing stud wall was knocked out by the previous owners to make a kitchen diner. I could feasibly jack some form of support under the span to correct it at least. maybe an aluminium I beam instead of a steel one.

it does explain the very creaky floors as there is no glue or screws anywhere to be seen so the structure does not hold itself together as it should.

any ideas much appreciated like how I can get back to nhbc or persimmon.