Structural beam missing - advice needed

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After a long list of issues with our new home we have now found out that they omitted to put a structural beam between the ground and first floor of a three storey house. The beam was on the plans - they just 'forgot' to put it in to our house and two others on the same development..........

As a result the first floor is sinking and as the builders say, needs to be addressed immediately due to Health & Safety implications. In other words we go to bed every night and wonder whether our son will have fallen through his bedroom floor and ended up on the dining room table......

The builders are stating that this is a minor defect and will rectify the issue but are only offering £2500 as a guesture of goodwill.

Can you let me know your thoughts on whether you would consider this to be a minor defect - in my eyes it is far from minor! Also, would you accept £2500 on a house worth £299,995?

By the way - beware new home buyers, when asked, the NHBC state that they do not check lintels have been installed when checking new properties and local authority building control when approached confirmed that they do not check up on new builds - so there is no-one to make sure the cowboys are building new houses properly.
Missing Structural Beams is not a minor defect.

It is VERY serious.

Do not except a palm off. Once you sign the paperwork you are relieving them of all responsibility.

You need the matter investigated throughly.


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The NHBC DO inspect structural beams. As part of the warranty stage inspections they inspect at superstructure stage or before all lintels and beams are covered up by finishes. Whoever told you they don't is wrong!

Regarding compensation, it will depend on whether you need to move out and for how long. The cost of your house has nothing to do with this. £2,500 seems fair.

"so there is no-one to make sure the cowboys are building new houses properly."
You are wrong to lump everyone who builds new homes as a cowboy. The majority are not!