still no news on new build ombudsman

New Build Inspections

New Build Inspector

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thrown into the long grass prior to brexit

more likely been lobbied out of existence by the big builders which maintain that self regulation is the only way to keep up production and reach the figures that government want

we need a non political decision on this ...all parties , and resourced to do the job.

New Build Inspector

snagging inspections 01788 494400
new home ombudsman latest news

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The government has today announced:

  • a New Homes Ombudsman to support homebuyers facing problems with their newly built home
  • plans to help provide the homes the country needs through planning reform
  • plans to create a lasting legacy from the 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • measures to improve the safety of high-rise buildings
Measures to champion the rights of homebuyers and help ensure that when they buy a new home they get the quality of build they rightly expect. The New Homes Ombudsman will protect the interests of homebuyers and hold developers to account when things go wrong.