Stewart milne, thornton grange - rain water dowpipe not connected to undergrond drain


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Yet, again Stewart Milne have exceeded their own incompetence.
I've recently been having some work done in the garden. The 1st day my garden re-design company discovered that the Rain Water downpipe was not connected into the underground drain. The end of the downpipe was just open and flowing into the gravel border along the side of the house. The pipe which it should have been connected to was about 30cm (1 foot) away from the end of the downpipe.
There is no doubt this has contributed to the swamp that my garden has been since moving in, as any water run-off from the roof has been discharge directly into the garden.
We have since contacted Stewart Milne customer services on 3 occassions to have this remedied, we've been told it will be fixed the same day. I am still waiting. I've also had the site manager on to see it and he also said it would be fixed immediately.(another broken promise from Mr. Sloane).
A full report is being sent to the planning dept/building control at South Lanarkshire Council, who knows maybe they'll need to investigate the full development to see how many others are the same as this.

Once again I resort to this site to share the experience that is 'Living the Stewart Milne nightmare'

I'm interested to hear of any similar problems.

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It is a good job that the unconnected rain water pipe was discovered.

If it had been left, it may have caused your foundations to be undermined as the water washed away support.
This could have taken a number of years, even outside the NHBC 10-year period.

I am surprised Stewart Milne have not by now taken any action to remedy this defect. This should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of buying a new home from them - customer care would appear not to be a priority for them.

This should be easy to connect, but you should get it done BEFORE your garden contractor starts.
You don't want Stewart Milne destroying you nice new garden!


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Stewart Milne did in the end do the repair. The garden contractor had no choice but to leave the downpipe open and unconnected whilst they finished their work. About a week after the garden contractor was finished, I came home to find the pipe had been connected, with a nice cranked, offset section of pipe - typical of Stewart Milne! They had just came and done the work without informing us, and not bothered to tell us when it was done. Better than nothing I suppose.


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Sound like the drainage outlet was in the wrong place and burried and that is why the RWP was not connected.
At least they didn't have to dig up your nice newly landscaped garden.
All house builders should notify the home owner when they are intending carrying out work on thier property.
Legally - Stewart Milne were tresspassing.