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Hi all,

I have recently just moved into a recently constructed new build flat by Persimmon (build completed end of March and we are first occupants). The wider site is not yet complete and builders are still on site.

Everything was fine for the first couple of days, but my upstairs neighbours have just moved in! I can literally hear every footstep and the sound of furniture doors etc - I am also concerned about whats to come once they are more settled in (TV noise, music etc). Chatted to the site manager in passing and he reckons they have vinyl flooring throughout which probably doesn't help (even though I was told we had to have carpet?!).

As this is a new build, surely they would have to comply with Building Regs Part E? Given how much I can hear, I extremely doubt this is the case.

I was wondering if anyone had experience of this, and are there more formal steps I can take for the developer to rectify the issue, particularly as the building is less than a month old!

Thanks in advance.

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You won't be able to do anything with the sound because that's how the building is built. The best thing you can do is move to another flat or buy a house. That's why I gave up living in the apartment. I lived for over 10 years in different apartments for rent. But when I got married, I told my husband I wanted a house, a garden. We took a mortgage and bought a house with a big garden the way I wanted. Here I plant my favorite flowers, tulips, and some greens. This year we also made a small dining corner where we put some sofas bought from at a reasonable price.
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If it's built to standard got no chance

You would have to prove its not been

Which is expensive ...but not impossible

There are a few acoustic specialists around who can test investigate