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Hi. I have recently exchanged contracts from a new build property which is currently being built for completion in October. Having heard lots of horror stories about poorly finished houses I was wondering if one of you experienced people could help! When we have our pre-completion walk round with the builders, are we under an obligation to complete within their timescales or are we within our rights to delay things till everything has been put right? Any advice on this and in general would be appreciated.



The contract will stipulate that completion cannot be delayed for minor defects and incomplete landscaping amongst other things.

However, it can be delayed for more serious defects and if there a lots of minor defects you could claim that these terms are unfair.

Pete Marley under advice of his solicitor retained ?4500 until all snags were dealt with. (see

My advice is to read the contract and speak to your solicitor to see if he can arrange a retention. If there are houses already occupied go and speak to your future neighbours to find out how well the site is run and what the quality of the homes is like.

Good luck with your new home, let us know how you get on.