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My partner and I have recently purchased a new Barratt home, and as this is our first home together we are very excited. However, when we went to view the home last week we noticed that the worktops were not as promised. We were told the kitchen would be upgraded to 'gold standard' and we would get square edged worktops. The sales woman said that they looked much better and more expensive. What we found was that the worktops were round edged. My partner phoned Barrats to enquire about this and they said they would call back. The next day my partner received a call stating that they had 'got it wrong' originally and that they only come in that style. I can't help but wonder if we have been fobbed off..... I understand that for some this may seem trivial, perhaps it is, but because we were told how much better the other would look and that that was what we were getting, it's quite disappointing. We feel that they have made a mistake and installed incorrect worktops and can't be bothered to replace them.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? Is there any way we can find out if what they are saying now is true.

Thank you in advance!


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I would be inclined to force the issue, we had various snagging problems with Ben Bailey and I think you are within your rights to be disappointed - new builds are appealing mainly because of the tailor made aspect! If you haven't completed yet then use it as a condition - they won't like the sale being held up! Alternatively cut out the middle man and try to find the name of a chief exec/sales director via Google or linked in drop him/her an email - generally works for me!


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Top man at Barratt is:
Mark Clare e mail
Barratt Developments PLC
Kent House
1st Floor
14-17 Market Place
London W1W 8AJ

You were sold one thing and are getting another. Classic case of miss selling.
The Consumer Code for Home Builders gives you protection against this too.
Make an official complaint to Barratt. If you don't get what you want walk away.
If you are moving in before the end of this year be aware of end of half year figures and your new home being rushed.
This may be the reason why they wont change the worktops.
Make sure you get it professionally inspected BEFORE you legally complete.

Stick to your guns - don't give house builders an inch, otherwise hey will just take the p*ss even more!