Scope for legal action - no fire collars


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Hi all and any!

Well, we've just moved back into our Taylor Wimpey apartment having been moved out for 6 weeks so our soundproofing could be relaid correctly to ensure it passed Part E and re sounding where it seriously failed.

I've been sent a copy of a report produced by the contractor which details how no fire collars were discovered on either of our SVP's during investigate works. No fire collars?!?! How is this allowed to happen? We've had our baby here since July 2016 (we completed Dec 2015 and knew within a week something was wrong) There is also now a query hanging over the mains gas pipe which has been laid within Screed across our living room floor leaving no space for ventilation should a leak occur.
I'm awaiting an email back to confirm this is stil the case despite works being "completed"

The whole report is pretty damning. The work is more than shoddy throughout our flat. Substandard and then some.

Help! Do I have any course for legal action given how something so serious was alllwed to happen? NHBC standards and Building Regs seemed to have fallen totally by the way side.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

new build inspector

snagging inspections 01788 494400

call geoff peters at wingrove law Wingrove Law

he will give you 15 minutes of his time and advise you if its worth pursuing a case against them

i have sent several clients to this guy , all report good things

let us know how you get on


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Hi! Thank you for your recommendation! We've been in touch with Mr Peter a couple of times now on the advice of the boss man on this site! He was extremely helpful and honest-not to mention generous with his time. We may well need to instruct him formally given what crap TW are now spouting.

They're trying to deny that the fire collars were missing dispite photographic evidence and a report produced by the contractor THEY employed to carry out the remedial works to the YeloFon membrane.

We are just so grateful that we were persistent with the sound issues otherwise it would never have been discovered that the collars were missing which is terrifying considering we live here with our 9 month old son.

They're disgusting people who refuse to see the human side of their errors. Aasrggghhhhh. I HATE THEM!!!!!


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This is very serious indeed. It could have life threatening consequences.

Not only does it show up failings in Taylor Wimpey's inspection and quality control regime (if indeed there is one!) , it is astonishing that the company's first response is denial of the problem. What about sending someone to investigate?

It also shows clearly, that the building control inspection function is also not fit for purpose.
Write to your MP. This company should not be able to benefit and profit from taxpayer-funded Help to Buy


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Before jumping in with all guns blazing (pun not intended) I'd take stock of just what the contractors report is saying, it could be they have just been very thorough. When they say there are no fire collars it could literally be matter of fact reporting - not the fire collars are 'missing'. Since fire collars are not always mandatory dependant on installation methods, your soundproofing might be providing the same specification for instance.
Take a look at the NHBC website - download file 40528 (sorry - too few posts to put link up) - it might save you some unnecessary legal fees.


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Hey-the report very clearly states "fire collars missing" and that Building Regs require a minimum of 30minutes protection.

My dad is chartered building surveyor and is FRICS accredited with his own practice-it is most definitely a Requirement for them to be in place.

The contractor also explicitly stated that they reccommend the other 5 flats in the block are checked to ensure fire collars are in situ. This has still not been completed in spite of the recommendations and our requests.

Their reports and photos are damning. Everything was done half ass.

We're not overly keen to start legal proceedings obviously. I don't fancy throwing good money after bad. We're waiting for an email back from an exec at TW-will see where we stand depending on the contents of that.


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After not receiving any sensible response from NHBC, and NHBC not clearly stating that the builders have not followed guidelines and regulations, I took the matter to Independent Dispute Resolution Service (IDRS). I am not sure if the scope of IDRS applies to you, but it is worth noting that you can complaint by paying a low fee and claim for damages etc. Our outcome stated the builders breached 10 different sections of Consumer Code of Home Builders. However our cowboy builders Avant Homes only sent an apology, I am now taking the matter to court.

You can google for IDRS and Consumer Code of Home builders. Hope it helps.