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Warning: bad builder.
Sam Jhe Building Contractors
Given address: 301a Tamworth Lane, Mitcham CR4 1DD UK

Registered with Companies House on 20/6/2011 as:
Sam Xue Constructions Ltd
Reg. address: Flat 3 Rozelle Court Dunheved Road South Thornton Heath CR7 6AD
Companies House number 07674628
Director Mr Erqiang Xue (uses English name of Sam / Sam Xue)
Originally from main land China
DOB: DOB 03/07/1971

Demanded full payment even when work was incomplete and some work was poorly done. Then verbally abused and threatened me when I said I would only paid retainer on completion of work and rectification of poor workmanship.

His workmen damaged various items in my house and left it up to me to discover the breakages.

His workmen disconnected the gas to my gas fire I only found out when I had the gas engineers over to check.

There were also frequent long absences (in once case two weeks) usually leaving only one man in my house to ‘work’ and yet he still demanded weekly payments from me. A five week job (his estimation) still not completed almost three months later.

He threw rubbish from ‘his other jobs’ into the skip which was in my front garden hired by him for the work at my house.

The skip, placed under his instruction in the front garden, damaged trees, shrubs and an old hedge leaving only a sparse screen for my house from the public road.

When I tried to discuss rectification of shoddy work and incomplete work at my house he verbally abused and threatened me on the phone as I refused to pay the retainer until work was completed.

He passed my number to his brother who also verbally abused and threatened me.

I had a qualified Electrician to check Sam’s work and the Electrician showed me that the work was shoddy and potential dangerous

The neutral and live wire were switched around incorrectly for the lights and they were not earthed either which meant that if the switch plates were metal the user could get a electric shock.

Electric sockets were not properly secured to the walls again this was potentially dangerous if the wires were touched.

Wires and cables which were out of sight was messily shovelled in and carelessly done.
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