Roofing Leaks & Initial Flashing Advice


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Hi All

Just after a view from others who might know more about basics of roofing. Had a problem going on 6 years now (Barratts and now out of warranty) and only when storms come from the east (which isn't very often at all) where we get water ingress into the garage.

Interested in views based on the images. Given my logic dictates if the flashing isn't formed well around the tiles and there gaps, strong winds would blow the rain into these gaps towards the wall and then would result in the water ingress into the garage wall?


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Hard to specifically diagnose that the water ingress is coming between the flashing/brick without seeing more pictures or being there in person. But leaks like these are common, and easily fixed.

Should be covered in the 10 year warranty as the flashing should definitely not be failing now. You should lodge first a complaint with the builder you bought it from, and if not, then escalate to a claim against the 10 year new build insurance.

Don't try to diagnose the problem yourself - that's not your job - at some point a professional inspection should take place, to determine the works required.