Roof tiles cracked

Gemma Heeley

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I have been to the developers regarding the roof and that I thought it should not have a hole like I found and sent them a picture of (I will attach). They sent someone to look and yes they say that is how it is and there is nothing wrong. Months later I’ve had an independent roofer out to take a look and WOW I was shocked at what he found. The corner I wanted him to look at is all he did he found tiles cracked bits of tile missing and the worst is that he said it poses a danger to my neighbour as he said they could fall any time.
I’ve been living nearly a year and they have always said that the roof is fine. I’m at my wits end any ad would be much appreciated.
thank you


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new build inspector

snagging inspections 01788 494400
i assme you said this some time shortly after completion
DEFINATLEY should have been changed when you bought ,,,,no doubt they will claim adverse weather conditions now after a yer if you did not advise them before

go back tell them formally in writing what you want from them