reservation fee


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Oh dear!

As a first-time buyer, you really should have done some proper research before parting with any cash!

I expect the sales advisor was "so nice" and made you feel welcome, exited at the prospect of owning a brand new home and watching it being built over the next few months.

It is all too easy for the inexperienced to get caught up in this. Buying any home is a big step; buying a new home should be given even more thought.

I would encorage all first-time buyers like yourself to thoroughly check out my website. It will be time well spent and you will discover lots of things you need to think very carefully about before jumping in.

I am affraid you will lose you £500 reservation fee. That is what it is for, to reserve the plot for you. It is non-refundable I am affraid.

Please don't buy this home when you have found a better fit for you just because you will waste £500.


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I'm also a first time buyer and choosing between countryside and Taylor wimpey developments in Heywood lancashire. I would like to ask advice on which developer is better (or worst) as per the forums I've read they are both not so great. Also, I need to know how much a snagging survey would cost? Is this separate from a full builders survey? If faults are found and developer fixed them would I need to pay another snagging survey to make sure faults are put right? If developer will not fix the faults, would I lose my deposits, reservation fee, etc.? Sorry if I got loads of questions. I just don't want to experience the problems previous buyers have experienced.