render stains and mould affect new homes

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    Residents' fury as new build homes covered in MOULD - and developers won't help
    Residents of North Prospect, Plymouth said it would cost each home £3,000 to fix the issue but the developers said the issues 'out of warranty'

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    Moulds and red marks plagued the outer wall of these homes that were built six years ago in Plymouth (Image: Penny Cross / Plymouth Live WS)
    Residents are fuming after finding mould and red marks plaguing the outside of homes built just seven years ago.

    Dozen of properties erected in 2012 in a regenerated area of North Prospect, Plymouth, are said to be affected by the problem, report Plymouth Live.

    Residents living on Yellowmead Road, Sharpitor Close, Kestor Close, Laural Road and North Prospect Road are now petitioning for action to be taken over and demanding their homes to be fixed.

    Retired shop manger Jean Martin, who lives on Yellowmead Road, said the house developer, Barratt Homes, told her that her property is no longer "under warranty."

    Yellowmead Road resident Jean Martin was left furious after the home developer, Barratt Homes, told her the issue is out of warranty (Image: Penny Cross / Plymouth Live WS)
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    The 73-year-old said it could cost home owners £3,000 to solve the issue - by stripping the rendering right back down, and re-rendering it.

    "We’ve got red streaks coming through the outside paintwork and black blotches appearing through the outside paintwork," Mrs Martin said. "In addition, rendering breaking up around the windows.

    "We’ve been here for six years. Other properties built ten months before ours are in an even worse condition. You wouldn’t believe that these houses, government funded, are so new."

    The issue can only be solved by stripping the rendering right back down, and re-rendering it (Image: Penny Cross / Plymouth Live WS)

    Black moulds can be seen building up along the front pillar of the house (Image: Penny Cross / Plymouth Live WS)
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    Mrs Martin also says the National House Building Council (NHBC) also her that the warranty does not cover this particular issue, and the Plymouth Community Homes could not help either.

    The NHBC said the houses are under a ten-year warranty that doesn't cover this problem; and the Barratt Homes said the issue is out of warranty.

    Mrs Martin blamed it to the 'shoddy workmanship' as she said the properties were relatively new.

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