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I am at my wits end with Persimmon Homes - in brief my house does not adhere to building standards, after 3 meetings and countless letters and promises the developer is not delivering on their word or doing anything to rectify the situation. Can I please have recommendations regarding a solicitor/lawyer who has experience with Persimmon Homes or dealing with a similar developer?

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Oh, if I were you, I'd find the best lawyer I could and trash them in court. And I'd give it a lot of publicity in the process. This behavior on their part is unacceptable.


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That's pretty unfair of them. If I were you, I would spare no expense and hire a really good and reliable lawyer. It's pretty hard to find a really reliable person these days. I often seek lawyers' help and find them on the Internet. Over the years of practice, I have learned to recognize good and reliable lawyers, such as this I advise you to contact him. He has recently become very popular with his debut book, which has become a bestseller, but I will try to contact him if you want to. Good luck to you.
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