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I have an issue with my developer. During last couple of months I realized that radiator in master bedroom is too small. I started to talk with developer as building is still under warranty. So, room L4.5xW3.4xH3.5 is heated by 800x450 radiator, 632W of power. This radiator is not able to heatup room this size and keep temp.18 deg. heating system works all time. I have sent query to developer and as response I did receive that size and power is according to schedule.
Problem still exist as they told me that no changes will be made to this situation.
- Is there any specific NHBC standard to say how to calculate size of radiator to indoor rooms?
- Should developer show calculation of output heat for this room? for ex. my daughter room L4.5mxW3.0mxH2.4m has radiator 900x450 producing 862W
where is the logic?

Thank you in advance for advice.

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pop round to your local plumb centre with dimensions of your room

they will ask you some questions and be able to give you an idea of correct size

i would be surprised if there was not something on the web these days that would calculate for you

no there's nothing to force builder to tell you

they just have to meet the NHBC requirement of room temp for the type of room it is