Potentially buying an Aberfoyle style home, advice pls!

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Hello all.

I'm new to this forum and we are in a bit of a situation. Bottom line is we, for various reasons, need to move home (mostly due to neighbours) and have been offered a really good deal on an aberfoyle home in Aberdeen where the sale has fallen through. They are covering the cost of selling our current place ASAP, amending the layout of the new home and covering stamp duty and flooring for us too. Furthermore, the plot is a good one and the area is difficult to find detached homes for the price bracket we can afford.

The aberfoyle home itself is yet to be built.... Commencing within the next two weeks. I have briefly read issues regarding insulation in one of the rooms. Are there any tips or advice current aberfoyle owners can give to ensure the build goes well? Eg advising to ensure the room above the garage is properly insulated, cavity tray advice etc. any advice would be grateful as the less stress I have after the move the better, ESP as my husband works away and I have a child on the way!


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Before you buy a Stewart Milne new home.............
PLEASE read all the threads here!

Your new home will need to be built to the Building Regulations and NHBC standards.
These may differ to those in England and Wales.

If you have doubts now, before your house is even started, that it will not be built properly with the required necessary insulation, cavity trays etc. why are you still buying it?

Remember that others have had problems and your problems may be different than those you seem concerned about.

The purpose of this forum is to act as a warning to others forcing the house building industry to improve service and quality.

One final word of warning, just because a house builder makes it 'easy' for you to move, it does not mean it is the best deal or right thing to do!

Finally you have no guarantee any new neighbours will be better either!

If you must buy a new home, get it professionally checked by an independant snagging company.


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I am surprised that Stewart Milne homes are still building the Aberfoyle as it is part of the "Villages Range" which I thought they stopped building around a year ago now. I thought their new homes were all part of the "Woodlands Range". What site will the home be built at?