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Is there anyone out there that has anything positive to say about Persimmon? If so I would love to hear from you.
In addition, has anyone had any problems with their property bought on the Heronsbrook site in Minster?
I look forward to any responses.;)


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I have a Persimmon home, and and very happy. But I do understand, and take an interest, in all other problems people have. The advice I would give is only buy a house that has either been already built, or is at a stage where there is only minor work left (e.g. decoration, plastering etc).

I reserved with the first layer of bricks was going down (foundations done a few years before - stopped due to recession), but I did not exchange until it was water tight, with electrics/plumbing done. The sales people hated me, but I just didn't care what they thought (I also hated them as they lie lie lie lie lie).