Porch droop


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We've a Persimmon home and have noticed that our porch has developed a noticeable bend which wasn't present when the house was first built. There are eight or so other houses of the same type on the development which all, except one, show varying levels of the same sagging.

Ours isn't the worst, but I did notify the builder within the initial two-year guarantee period. They are currently looking into it.

I just wanted to canvas some opinions on if it's an issue which I can expect to get resolved? If I needed to involve the NHBC, is this something they would cover?

As virtually all the properties have exhibited this, my fear is that it's a design fault in the house style and the props which you can see do not have sufficient foundations, or otherwise the beam which goes across the porch is not sufficiently strong.

Pictures here (can't post links, sorry):


Thanks for any comments.


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Porch foundations are often constructed after the house is built and scaffold is taken down. They could be liad over previously excavated trenches for drains or services to the new home.

Persimmon should definitely remedy this and you are right to complain.