Poor soundproofing in detached "Wells"

New Build Inspections


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We live in a new build Wells and notice that the most mundane noise one makes upstairs, sounds horrendous downstairs. Everywhere upstairs is carpeted but even something insignificant like dropping a shoe from short height onto the floor or a hairbrush sounds like thunder downstairs. We never had this in our previous house.

is this normal and do we just have to live with it?


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Welcome to the world of new builds, where the occupants know each others health by the sound of their bodily functions! There are sound proofing compressed rockwool with reasonable soundproofing that could have been used beween joists but it is expensive and not their problem only on party walls and the communual like. You can find soundproofing slabs that go under the underlay and lots of expensive joist hangers that prevent sound transfers but really needed to have been incorporated into the design and build stages.
Wish more would complain about this such it gets sorted however most have to just get used to it.