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Ok, I'm not yet at my witts end on account of the fact I have only just started investigating this. Already the management company of my block of flats told me to contact the builder and the builder told me to contact NHBC. Obviously it goes without saying the NHBC told me to contact the mangement company :p.

I have a new build top-floor apartment. It's new as in I bought it new, 5 years ago. It's out of the 1 year Barratt warranty and into the NHBC warranty. Anyway, I've got water ingress behind the shower, which is behind the plasterboard and tiles. I think it's been there years, because the skirting board has been slowly rotting away. I didn't think anything of it before (not being experienced at home ownership).

So there's a plumbing problem there and also possibly a roof problem, because it also leaks when it rains, snows or there's a frost. In order to fix the plumbing, the tiles and plasterboard will probably have to come down. I don't know about the roof. As this is my first home, I don't know anything about any of this stuff. Does anyone have an advice on how to deal with these people? I have no idea what's supposed to happen next....
Dear Robinson
I appreciate and understand your frustration.
Firstly let me address the most significant issue:
Any problems with the roof of the building which you have a flat in, are for your management company to deal with. It is their responsibility to address any upkeep maintenance issues of communal areas in the building structure.
You must write to your management company, personally I send e-mails and request read receipts. You must detail to the best of your ability the issues you have regarding the roof. You must detail any and all damage occurring to your property (not just the flat, carpets walls, pictures, TV etc) as a result water ingress.
You should ask your management company for a copy of the building insurance policy. By law they have to give it to you.

Secondly, an internal plumbing problem that causes water leakage is your responsibility if the pipe work is for the sole use of your flat.
However if the pipe that causes water linkage is communal then it is the responsibility of your management company to fix and address this issue.

Whereabouts are you based? In the first instance you need to see if the water ingress is as a result of faulty plumbing or the roof.
If plumbing, is the pipe communal?
If the pipe is not communal you must address this ASAP.
If the pipe is communal your management company should address this ASAP and fix any and all damage as a result of the water leak.
Again if the water ingress is as result of a fault in the roof, it is the responsibility of your management company and any and all faults within your property should be put right also.

I hope this helps.
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