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Any advice would be greatly received on this issue.

Me and my girlfriend are trying to buy a house from Taylor wimpey. When we first went to buy the house they said they would give us all these incentives, which sounded great and we accepted.

We have had the house valued now by 2 different banks and both times the banks have under valued it by 10 thousand. Taylor wimpey have since said they will drop it down by 5 grand and one bank has said they will lend us the money taylor wimpey are now asking for. Sounds great doesn't it !!!!

Now though Taylor wimpey are saying we will have to pay cash for the free incentives they offered us. This we think is totally unfair as we now have no cash to pay for these items as we are putting down a very big deposit for first time buyers. So you would think well just cancel the incentives. Again we thought about this but they said 2 of the incentives have already been fitted and we will owe them over a grand for this.

So basically they are now saying we HAVE to pay for the incentives they said would be free and if we cancel the others ( the most important ones like carpet ) we will still have to pay over 1 grand for the ones we are not really fussed about having, we just said we would because Taylor Wimpey said they would be free !!!!

Has any one else had problems like this or has any one got any advise ????


James :(


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Did you not get anything in writing to say the extras where going to be free... or even any invoices to say that you would have to pay for them?