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    Really hoping I can get some advice from anyone with knowledge about property building on here.

    I've reserved a new build property, the contracts of which are due to exchange early next week (I have currently put them on hold).

    I sold my current property on the back of the purchase of the new one.

    On the site where my property is being built, they don't have a show home for the type of property I am buying so I drove down to Stafford to see it, was happy, and was happy with the images in the brochure.

    On Monday of this week I walked past the building site, the bricks are around 5 ft high at the minute with the frame work for the front door downstairs and window only just been put in. I noticed two gaps in the brick work, side by side, at the front of the property. I contacted the building company via e-mail to query if it was meter boxes and why they were going at the front of the house.

    On the brochure for the site, all of the types houses they are building have shown on the digital images where the meter boxes are, apart from this one I am buying, this left me to presume the meter boxes were side with the driveway at the back of the property (garden is to the right).

    I was contacted by the sales woman on Tuesday to inform me yes they were spaces for meter boxes and had been put in the wrong place, and the spaces would be bricked over. I asked her to tell me where they were going to be placed, she couldn't tell me but assured she would get back to me that day. Surprisingly, she didn't.

    The exchange on the current property I own completed yesterday.

    I walked past the build yesterday evening to find now they've put two large meter box sized gaps directly next to the front door at either side (approx one foot and around four foot high - higher than the previous two) I was completely gutted at what I had seen, this is the only type of property on the whole site with them at either side of the front door. They are literally staring at you in the face. As you probably know, they aren't appealing to the eye and look awful.

    Now I'm paying £230,000 for this house and I am absolutely gutted about it, I've made representations to the building company who tell me "they cannot be moved and are placed by the electricity company".

    Can anyone can tell me if this is true or not? Does anyone know if they can be moved? Is their placement stipulated by the electricity company? Every other property on the site has them either well away from the front door, to the corner of the front or along the side. I've never seen them on each side of the front door anywhere. It will just look awful.

    Ive raised a complaint but would appreciate it if anyone has any knowledge of this, or something I can throw back at them when they come up with excuses.

    CGI image of house :

    Showhome :

    Where original gaps were when I emailed on Monday :

    Where the new gap is, to the right of door will be the same as the left :

    Thanks for the help.

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    hi Antony

    most builders contracts will contain weazel words in them that will allow them to make changes to your property

    the builders code of conduct describes what they should and dont have to notify you over , and when and provides a redress scheme

    the contract will also advise you not to rely on sales docs , or other such materials ...and to satisfy yourself prior to purchase that you are getting what you paid for as described

    if they dont have the weazel words , then you may have a case

    clients in the past have gone to planners and trading standards over this exact type of issue

    defences are usually that the locations of boxes are determined by the service providers ...which is true to some extent ,,usually 5m from the service box to the consumer unit

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