Persimmon new build...advice needed.

New Build Inspections


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The loft should be completely covered and all the same thickness. The only exception would be under the cold water tank if this is located in the roof space.
It sounds like some of it may have been displaced by a trade (electricians or plumber) working in the roof space and not put back.
18" (450mm) is very generous. 250mm used to be the normal required.
At the eaves, there should be special plastic ribbed sections (rafter trays as you say) that allow air to pass from the eaves into the roof space to provide cross ventilation.
Not quite sure what the soffit gap is but any gap would be giving better ventilation to the roof space which would lessen condensation not increase it.
Be aware any gaps may give access for birds, wasps or even worse- bats (you can never legally get rid of them!) etc so gaps should be addressed.


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It may be worth it if only to give you piece of mind - although I agree it is a bit late.
Remeber that the sangs found will need to be addressed and this will cause you a lot of inconvenience now you have moved in, time off work etc.
That is why it is ALWAYS better to get a professional snagging inspection completed BEFORE you hand over the rest of the money and move in.
House builders are driven by money and figures. You hold a strong hand pre completion.
Once you have moved in thye can (and lots do) treat you with compete indifference.
They have nothing to gain by fixing your problems, it takes staff and trades off work that is the profit for tomorrow.

Whatever you decide make sure you complain in WRITING preferrably to Mike Farley CEO of Persimmon Homes.


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Update -

Snags were reported,and generally they have been very good in coming to fix them - loft has been vented and re-insulated,there are are still one or two things left to do,but something more disturbing than that has happened,when we went in for the deal,we asked if there was any movement on price,and we were told no,as if one customer pays x and the other y,it wouldnt be fair on the party that paid more,ive been checking on the website regularly,and now,next door,and next door but one are being offered for 7K and 10k less than we paid!! Exactly the same house,how can they do this.
Will this negativley affect our house price in the long run? - ive found out that next door but one had originally sold but they pulled out of their deal due to the fact they were paying 4K more than us,and when they asked for the same price as we were paying Persimmon said no - they had paid for extras too.
Leaves a bit of a bad taste to be honest.


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The price is the price! Each individual is able to negotiate the price they want to pay or walk away.
Price depends on many factors, even the same house type may have a bigger garden face the sun or not be near social housing for example.
Housebuilders (like anyone else) are free to vary prices on the homes they sell.
Ther are certain times in the year when they are more motivated to sell.

The shops reduce sofas in sales without thinking of those daft enough to pay full price a week ago!

Finally the resale price for your house type on an estate will be governed by the price paid by the last Sold house.
People will check Zoopla and the like to make sure they don't over pay.