Persimmon Homes - No Electrics in Garage


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I purchased a 4 bed detached house in Rugeley, Staffs from Persimmon 12 months ago and have been in 'discussions' with them ever since regarding the fact they haven't provided lighting or power into the garage even though my neighbours garage has it provided and the garages are adjoining separated only by a dividing wall. Persimmon are claiming that the electrics would have to go over a 3rd party boundary - has anyone else had this issue? Thanks


It will be tricky as you would need a wayleave to get your cable across the neighbours land. You may need another solution - battery powered LED lighting


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Generally, housebuilders only get electrics to garage if it is on or next to the house.
What were you sold? Was power and light to the garage part of the specification?
If the garages are off a shared driveway then it should be possible to lay cabling from your house to your garage, but not loop from a neighbour's garage as they will be paying the bill.