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    May 30, 2019
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    Total newbie here,

    Have used this site to great effect when it comes to snagging but I am unsure of 1 thing in my new build.

    Finish in terms of paint overall is not great but I am unsure on whether to accept 1 thing.

    House is open plan on the ground floor so has a large ceiling which seems to show any slight defect in finish. I can see joists/joins and have also noticed the ceiling or paint looks uneven as you stand at one end of the room and look either towards or away from the light source (bifold doors).

    I’ve attached a few photos of the issue and wondered what your opinions were re: the issue and snagging it.

    I ask as I’m keen to get these things resolved as it has been painful getting the developer to actually send contractors round so I want to get it all done in one go rather than wait tirelessly between visits.


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    download the decorating section from the nhbc standards ...and compare to what you have

    if youre still not sure , talk to a decorator

    or get an experienced snagging company in to check the place over

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