NHBC Brickwork standards.


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First post so i will keep this one quick, as I have many more questions!

I know little about building but feel that the brickwork on my house is well below par. Could anyone tell me if this is acceptable and if so can the builder be made to rectify it under NHBC? As you can see the brick work is very patchy and the mortar is a different colour throughout. If you see the whole of the house it looks like it is smiling........

I cant post a link as i need to have made 10 posts befor doing so?!?!?

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Absolutely not acceptable.
They could try repointing with a consistent mortar mix, but it looks to me as if the bricklayers have failed to mix different packs of bricks, which is written into NHBC Standards somewhere.



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This is a common problem and difficult to rectify. I guess the problem is mixing up bricks is time consuming better to buy pre-mixed as it avoids the risks of corners being cut.

Just had a look I think they have actually used a different type of brick. If it is a wooden frame house it is not too disruptive to have the wall rebuilt, believe it or not.



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Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately its a standard build construction. I get in touch with NHBC to see what they say, one of our neighbours external walls are currently being rebuilt by the builders after an NHBC inspection. I believe that was due to the cavity wall being filled with excessive debris.

More worringly I have just discovered (whilst examining the lack of insulation.....now thats another story that I will save for another thread!) that four cavity wall inner blocks above the garage door lintel do not have ANY mortar between them. I will post a pic when i get a chance.

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I have had the same problem with no insulation in walls from above ground floor one of the bedrooms above the garage is far to cold to occupy . My gable wall bellies out Bricks are laid in a higgilty pigglty way. I have numerous other problems Ie Drive to short to put a car on, Short chan I could go on and onged on land.


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That is absolutely bloody appaling. That is exactly what the houses opposite us look like.
We have a problem of cement cracking throughout the bricks. They say this is settling. We didn't have that on our last new build home.
Try not to get too involved with paperwork as from experience it will drag on and on. Give them a time limit to rectify and if they fail take them to the small claims court.
These developers don't like claims against them and work twice as quick to resolve the issue.
Good Luck.