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Does anyone know whether the NHBC requirements require a slater to sort/grade the slates prior to fixing as 'recommended' by the slate suppliers and by BS 8000 part 6?

If the NHBC were to assess a roof which a slate supplier and a roofing contractor have both said this has not been done, could they say it was done in accordance with their requirements?

This is not (only) from a cosmetic point of view but mainly from a noise perspective.

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NHBC standard state:
"natural slates to BS 680. Check particularly that imported slates comply fully with this British Standard"

Slates come in various grades and thicknesses. The more expensive higher grade the better the roof looks as slates are sorted to be of near uniform thickness.
So you probably have cheap imported slates of varying thickness as it is a new home!
If they keep the water out and have been fixed correctly the NHBC wont be that bothered by the way they "look"

Part 6 of BS 8000 gives recommendations on basic workmanship and covers those tasks which are frequently carried out in relation to slating and tiling of roofs and claddings of buildings. The recommendations apply to the laying and fixing of clay and concrete tiles; natural and fibre reinforced cement slates and their associated fittings and accessories. For design aspects of slating and tiling reference should be made to BS 5534-1 and BS 5534-2.


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Over a year has passed with still no final resolution but some progress.
I decided to do more research on the issue of Building Regulations and the sorting of natural slates and it is a requirement of BS8000 part 6. Since my new build contract states that the building will be constructed in accordance with those regulations and I had reported the problem to the builder within the 2 year period, I went straight to the builder and not the NHBC.
Builder refused to do anything without the NHBC involvement which I refused.
Did a Subject Access Request and got a whole lot of useful information including the construction checklist which shows the site manager signed off the roof complete with ridge tiles on a date when the 'roof' consisted of rafters and fresh air, confirmed by my own photos.
Issued a letter before claim and got action, agreement to replace roof. That was over 4 months ago.
Still waiting for a start date............