New Taylor Wimpey home at Bridgefield, Ashford


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Hi all,
I am looking to buy a new home off the plan at the Bridgefield development by Taylor Wimpey at Ashford.

The property will be ready for occupation by October 2011. There are already a good bunch of properties built and completed that are sold out.

Has anyone bought at this site and may have had any issues or snaggs with their new home?

Any feed back on your experience would be much appreciated.



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Life on Bridgefields


We have been living on Bridgefields for just over a year now, the build quality of the houses is generally very good however we did have several problems with the heating system in the house. The contract plumbers that were used ont he site were not very good, when we moved in the radiators in one of teh bedrooms were not working because of kinked pipes, and we had several faulty switches in the central heating system which meant that only the front room had any heating in it. It took nearly 3 months to sort out but we eventually got there and have had no problems since.

Only other gripe is that although we have nice wide pavements the upshot is we have very narrow roads which makes parking a bit tricky especially if you have visitors

hope this helps



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Hi, We brough a new house on the bridgfield phase 2 in september 2009. We were one of the first to move in. We fund that the finish on the house (hazel with car port) was a good standard. However after a few week the defectlist was nearly filled so we haded it o the site sales office as requested. Not major defects just bits and pieces ie. Scratched work surfaces, Doors not shuting, Pot holes under carpet dueto poor grouting, The shower was all lose in the on suit shower, Drive way had very bad drainage when raining, Since we handed our defect list in only 2 defect have ever been completed andthey ere the shower, They had to completely remove the bathroom wall to get to theback of the shower fittings due to poor plumbing, This took approx 1 week to rectify. Secondly the drive way was very stress full and I had to write to Persimmon managingdirector for the drive way to be finaly relaid after 3 attempts of trying to repair the drive way. We have still not after 20 monthshave we recieved our blue book from persimmon. My advice is do not buy from persimmon homes there afte care is very poor and they will always give you the oldchina that all defects are down to sub contractors and it takes tim to gt them back, Sorr not my problem I brought the house fom you not te subcntractor, The sales persons are ver nice aswell untill you have signedall the paper work and moved in then tey dontwant to know you, Sorry for the ba feed back just best to be honest than to say its a bed of roses. Thanks