New Homes Don't Meet Energy Standards


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So, what would be the required standard for homes with planning approval before April 2006, but completed after April 2006.
I have a Bloor home which falls in this category. The heating insulation is poor.
I would like to know what the standard requirement is and also the SAP rating if applicable etc


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Not much point of posting then is there?

New homes even if they are designed to be energy efficient have been known to have missing or no cavity insulation and some even have no roof insulation either!

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Tony and NHE are both quite right

the regulations wil be those at the time of the builder applying , and change every 5 years , ive seen some developments bult with regs from 10 years ago , because the site was mothballed during the recession

and yes the contruction has to follow the required standard , and be checked ....again i have inspected homes with no cavity wall insulation , no loft insulation or various parts missing the reglautions are only as good as the inspectors inspecting them

and thier in lays the issue , not enough inspections and relativeley low standards

and this while all the focus has been on thermal insulation to save heat and power ....and as a result sound insulation is fast becoing an issue

really all new builds should be checked with a thermal camera many builds these days have that "cold room syndrome" when one room in the house is so much colder than the other