New build rising damp.


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10CA13BF-2EF6-4955-87D5-9179965E7ACD.jpeg Hi has anybody encountered this issue before. We have a self build that has a constant problem of damp below dpc with salt line around the house. The house is now 2year old and plaster is beginning to crumble and obviously unable to be painted. any cures or even reasons for this please as our builder has chalked it down to “one of those things just”. 9A29F999-80E6-49F9-99ED-2F978BD5CA53.jpeg


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youre photo is so close i cannot get a context ....please take a few metres back and take photos

damp below dpc exactly where it should be ...i would be worried if it was above ...but please send photos i will give you some thoughts

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Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice from those in the know on here!

We are buying a property that has had a loft conversion completed in the last 5 years, it has a building control certificate but no record of planning permission. The only dormer window is at the rear of the property so from what I have read it is likely to be a permitted development as only velux windows to the front, is there any way I could find out for sure?

Would building control have signed it off if it was likely to need planning permission for mansard roof extension but didn't have it?


your local planning dept will be able to help you ....velux type windows dont normally req permission , but if you install dormers they do

your seller has a duty to disclose whether it has permission or not............. if they had it done

retrospective planning can be obtained if it wasnt previously ....if whats been done meets local criteria and there are no objections