New Build Plumbing Problems - My Rights??

Discussion in 'Other developers' started by welshgirl11, Oct 26, 2015.

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    This is my first post - and I really need some advice!

    We moved into a new build house in a small estate of 8 new build houses in April (6 months ago), our first home as owners!

    Ever since we have been in we have had an array of plumbing problems including:
    1. Leaky Bath
    2. Leaky Toilet - Water ended up coming down the living room wall below
    3. Radiator not working
    4. 3 leaky radiators
    5. A different radiator not working
    6. Different radiators leaking
    7. Warm Water in cold tap
    8. Once it was fixed there was BOILING hot water in the toilet
    9. Accused husband of lying to them about warm water in tap, and switched the pipes back - so now cold tap was warm again!
    10. Boiler making funny noises
    11. Radiator that was fixed - now not working again
    12. And as of last night - No hot water

    And to be honest I am sick of phoning the builder and Plumber - the plumber accuses us of all sorts - and that we are lying to him about the problems. The builder is as frustrated as we are - but won't do anything about it.

    To prove this is not a one off thing - there are people living in another 4 of the houses (so 5 out of 8 are now being lived in) and all of them have also had issues with their plumbing - either leaks - some quite bad to radiators not working - or a combination of the above list.

    What are our rights in this situation??

    The plumber is now refusing to come out without payment - and the builder is refusing to pay because the work was not correct to begin with, so the plumber is saying that we on the estate have to pay him or he wont come out any more. Nothing is being done and we on the estate have to live with the problems!! It is a new build house and has a 10 year builders guarantee.

    It has got to the stage that we need to take this further - but unsure of our rights and what we can do.

    All your help will be appreciated.
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    Your new house does not have a 10 year builder's guarantee.
    It has a warranty which is an insurance policy if or more likely when faults are found.
    Your plumbing has been installed by a clown who didn't know what he was doing!
    The housebuilder should and must fix all these defects and the others you haven't found yet!) in the first two years.
    Your contract is with the housebuilder not his individual sub contracators.
    Use the warranty of nothing gets done!

    Name the house builder to warn others!

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