New Build Noise Issue


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Hope anybody can provide any helpful suggestions / advice

I recently bought a new build by Linden Homes in London and have had serious issues with noise from the next door neighbour.

Our apartments are right next to each other and share a party wall with the front doors being quite close to each other. I am unable to hear my neighbours speak; however, I can hear their child run / stomp down the corridor parallel to my apartment. The child has heavy footsteps so when she runs / stomps it can be heard everywhere in the apartment and cannot be drowned out by the TV etc. I have spoken to the next door neighbours, but they mentioned there was little they can do to stop the child running / stomping. Just to note, I cannot hear the parents’ footsteps or any of their guests, and none of the other residents have reported this issue despite many having children.

I’m not sure where the noise is coming from (the wall, floor or door) or else I would be happy to look at ways to soundproof against it. The developers are unwilling to help aside from changing the seal on the door which has made no difference.

I have lived in new builds virtually my entire life and have never encountered this issue before (usually noise is from the upstairs neighbour). I have been getting severe anxiety everytime I hear the footsteps because I feel like I’ve messed up on this purchase and wasted my life’s saving on something that will be hard to rent / sell in the future.

Is there anyone out there who has any experience of this issue to advise on what I can do or any ideas on sound proofing?


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my experience is its the standards which are to low or the builder has not followed robust details

in either case you're going to have to prove to builder if it doesn't meet standard

you've tried complaining and found that doesn't work , so

i would have a discussion with construction acoustics expert ....and get some testing done have a look on web