New Build Mould Problems

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Good afternoon everyone,

I hope I'm posting in the right place here, I'm in desperate need of advice / reassurance.
I'll keep this brief... myself and my girlfriend bought a new build (was a shop but was converted into a 2 bedroom ground floor flat) in March last year... the sellers were also the developers and we've had numerous issues since we moved in. Within the first week the bathroom floor / skirting needed to be replaces because of a leak... turns out the waste pipe was never plumbed in properly and had the cheek to say they replaced it as a gesture of good will!! We've had mountains of snagging issues which they've failed to address / fix (no sealant on outside windows so the flat is very cold, blocked air bricks, faulty kitchen tap, the list goes on...) after telling them we'd be going to a solicitor all of a sudden they're willing to fix these issues... apart from our biggest one... MOULD!!

So before you ask, no it's not down to lifestyle / drying washing etc... like the seller / developer keeps saying! We've paid for a mould / damp specialist to come and view the property and he's found out that the outside pointing on the brick work is in awful condition, its like sand between the bricks. There's also no end caps on the windows so water can seep in that way as well. The sellers / developers also installed built in wardrobes against the cold wall and sealed them so theres a cold spot behind the wardrobes which is caked in mould! He's said it's not down to how we live at all. The sellers / developers when converting the property have taken out an old window in the back bedroom and replaced it with brick work and have properly pointed that but the rest of the wall remains in poor condition. What I want to know is that should it be their responsibility to fix this issue? Considering the fact that they've correctly fixed the brick work when removing an old window however left the rest of the wall completely untouched. We've sent a report from the mould / damp specialist explaining that it's not our fault at all and now they're ignoring us... typical.

I know our rights as a new build is within the first two years any defect / snagging issues we go direct to the developer but is that a defect that falls under their responsibility. We do have a building warranty with ICW and they've helped us with the whole process but we're not covered for mould / damp, they've explained that it doesn't affect our claim with the sellers / developers because we're going directly to them.

Overall... bought a new build, got a mould issue and its not our fault, its to do with the poor brickwork, should they be held liable?