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I have got damp in my new build property completed in Dec 21st and the builder acknowledged the problem caused by missing insulation block under DPC and water get into the inner wall & cause slab wet.
The build advised they have to take out certain outer wall brick to put back the insulation block back to the property. It cause disturbance to the cavity insulation as we see the polystyrene bead falling after they take out the brick . They advised they will top up the bead after they close the bead.
They agreed to bear the RICS survey after inspection and what we ask for is the approval / certificate form the CWI guarantee company/ insulation supplier or whatever institute to prove the cavity wall is function well and no impact on the CWI warranty.
At the same time, my surveyor advised the property is not built up to regulation and ask me to hand it back to the builder. I checked loads of doc seems it’s not possible. May I know if anyone could advise what to do next ? Thanks

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Buy backs from builder are possible ...and we've had several clients taken this option

We've also had clients where the outer skin if the house was removed and all insulation replaced and walls built back up again

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