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Hi all,

I'm new to this but in need of help ☹️ We bought a new build which completed on 39th June 2017.

We visited 2 days before completion & it was a complete mess still a building site which really concerned us, we were told not to worry & it always looks like this in the last couple of days everything would be completed.

Since moving in we started our snag list & had over 150 items on it, things like the heating was back to front, there was s huge hole behind radiators, holes in brickwork, broken toilets, incorrect flooring fitted, broken banisters, extractor fans taped on etc..... this list goes on & on! On top of this no turf was laid & the garage & driveway was incomplete it hadn't even been signed off by nhbc.

We flagged it up with sales team only to get no response, the site manager changed 4 times in a month!! They sent handymen round to fix the 'snags' although they were much bigger problems. They were arriving at 8am & leaving at 4pm re plastering all the walls and ceilings while I was in the house with a newborn baby & dog!

It was a complete nightmare & nothing was getting achieved they were just doing a free for all & not going from the list. We complained officially, took hundreds of photos, we've now had a formal apology from site teams & finance directors.

However we have had to move out for 1 week so work could be completed on the house. We're due to discuss our complaint further & discuss compensation, we don't know what amount to expect? This has been ongoing for 2 months now eating in to my maternity time with my 10 week baby (2 weeks when we moved in) we have requested a subject access request to see how it was ever signed off in that state! The house is worth £357'000 & we had a new build before with practically no issues!

Any help & advice would be appreciated - what we do next, how we deal with complaint in the meeting, how much compensation we ask for, how much compensation is usually offered.

Thanks in advance!
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These issues are best not discussed over the forum the new build inspections office they will give you my mobile number and i will go through things with you ...hopefully steer you in the right direction