New Build Apartment Noise Problem

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Amy Booth

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We have just moved in to a new build duplex apartment. Our new neighbours moved in a week after us, and the noise began. We can hear every footstep and bang, and worst of all can hear them use the toilet and then the flush, as their toilet is on our wall. It isn't there fault, its just normal life noise.
The builders have been round arms folded saying they built everything to spec and apparently our apartment was one of the ones that was tested...
Our duplex ceiling/floor is not insulated at all so we weren't sure this was amplifying the sound in some way?
The weird thing is the neighbours say they cant hear us at all.
I was wondering what the best plan of action was? Should we get an independent sound test done?

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one of the problems is flanking sound transmission ..coming from the edges of the floors in wooden floor buildings
how many storeys are you ?

in my experience even when built to standard ....the standards are not good enough ..and noise seeps through

but sound test by a professional will give you the evidence you need to compare against the building regulations requirements

tell them you want it investigating and that youre giving them the opportunity , if they decline , tel them you will get it tests done and if they prove conclusive you will seek to cover your costs in getting the inspection undertaken