My Bryant Home is Crap

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As the title says.
We have set up our own website to show our story of what happens when you buy a new build house from a developer. It is due to go online very shortly.
Endless snagging, houses subsiding on the estate are a few items to mention.
We have made front page news in our local paper and have been contacted by BBC Watchdog!!

www my bryant home is crap co uk

Bryant Homes, Kemsley Fields, Sittingbourne, Kent.

Be prepared for shocking pictures.

We will also have a dedicated phone number for people in the same situation as us to contact us for help and guidance.
We also offer a service whereby should you need to go to court we can fill in the paperwork for you and organise all your paperwork.
Do you feel you have know one to turn to? Want someone to talk to?
Then have a look at this site.



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Me Too!!


I live just around the corner from you and I have had a nightmare with Bryant as well. Basically they got the plot numbers wrong and all my "extras" went into next door. I needed bathrooms re-tiling and still await the masticking to be completed. Carpets have had to be replaced due to bad plumbing and other botches. I still have a list of about 10 what I call major items still to be completed after 11 months. I know the whole estate has been a complete joke so far as finishing is concerned

Would be happy to help if we can work together to put pressure on to get everything to be completed.


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Hi there,

I am not the only one then. I bet I know who you dealt with in the Sales Office as well!!
Would be interested to meet you and see your faults if I have not met you already.
My email address is greglisaharry at



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Well we had an inspection about 5 weeks ago. Had to force them to turn up. The Warranty Manager was not impressed with the standard of work that was supposedly rectified. I think his face summed it all up!! Awful.
2 workmen have arrived today and after going through the outstanding faults list with the Warranty Manager half the faults are missing from the workmens list.
No surprise there.
Why why why??????????? God save us.